Nick May

Nick May is the host of widely acclaimed interior design podcast— The Chaise Lounge, dedicated to the business of interior design. Nick launched the podcast over four years ago to market his residential painting company to interior designers. Each week he interviews top designers from across the country to find out HOW they got into interior design, WHY they started their own firm, and WHAT has made them SO successful. Before launching The Chaise Lounge, Nick started Walls by Design, a painting business in Denver, CO which he has grown to be one of the largest residential painting companies in Denver. Nick believes in systems, team building, and marketing (but not necessarily in that order). He is passionate about helping others grow their businesses by sharing his successes and failures in the often misunderstood dark arts of marketing and social media. Nick is now the Creative Director of iMay Media, a publisher of digital content and podcasts mainly dedicated to the home services industry.