We've got a new name,  new venue, and expanded content for 2025!

A unique opportunity to participate in
the convergence of the business of interior design and new media including influencer marketing,
social media, e-commerce, digital branding, branded lines, and more.

Registration is now open for Napa 2025!

Design Influencers Conference
is now the
Design Influencers Leadership Conference and moving to Napa, CA in 2025!

About the Design Influencers Leadership Conference
New name, expanded content, and new venue in 2025!


After last year's successful 2022 Design Influencers Conference (DIC), the organizers at Esteem Media are pleased to announce its highly anticipated new event format and expanded content. Launched as the Design Bloggers Conference (DBC) in 2011, the conference eventually evolved into the Design Influencers Conference and now take its next logical next step as the Design Influencers Leadership Conference (DILC) in Napa Valley on February 10 - 12, 2025 at The Meritage Resort and Spa | Napa, CA. 

The new format maintains the event’s traditional design influencer marketing education and brand/influencer connection programs, while also tackling new opportunities and challenges in operations and marketing that have become crucial for leaders of influential design businesses to master. In addition, the special benefits of its new host destination, Napa Valley, will be incorporated into the event experience. 

While building influence on and offline continues to be a centerpiece discipline for successful design professionals, the past three years have unearthed new complex internal and external speed bumps for operating successful design businesses. Just like influencer and content marketing did, a shifting landscape is presenting new operating mandates, outside of comfort zones, that are imperative for successful design pros to tackle now for long term sustainability. From changing client bases, reimagined workforces, human resource management, environmental challenges, emergent digital strategies, and morphing business leadership requirements, etc., DIC was compelled to incorporate these new competencies that suddenly paralleled building influence for getting more than anyone’s fair share of the marketplace.

Bookmark DILC for February 10-12, 2025 on your calendar now so you will be present at the Design Influencers Leadership Conference in Napa Valley-- designed to help influential Design Professionals learn about critically emergent social and technology shifts…all tailored in a comfortable setting with other design pros that are equally determined to lead their businesses for the long term and grab more than just their fair shares of markets.

Learn more about the expanded event focus in Adam Japko's, our event founder, full post here.

Why Attend and What You'll Learn

• Discuss the salient issues confronting your design business- from succession plans, financial models, hiring strategy, sustainability and material selection, AI, etc.
• Establish a connection between designers, influencers, and brands and other influential design professionals
• Speakers selected to help local design professionals measure, build their influence and overall business
Top tips for creating influencer marketing programs for yourself and others
• Experts and examples for deploying social media, digital and offline marketing strategies
• Learn and compare social platforms and their drivers for success 
Top examples of design influencer marketing
• Business and influencer marketing thought leaders outside the design industry
• Networking events designed to build your influence and professional networks

Who Should Attend

Attendees are interior design influencers, luxury interior designers, design professionals, social media practitioners, traditional design media, leading design brands, new design media innovators, and interior design industry leaders.

  • Interior design influencers
  • Design professionals– individuals, small businesses, associations, or other organizations
  • Interior designers
  • Architects
  • Landscape architects and designers
  • Design enthusiasts or aspiring interior designers
  • Design Social Media users
  • Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Brands inside the luxury home design community