Why Attend


"Is the Design Influencers Conference programmed  for design influencers and brands actively involved in Influencer Marketing programs?" The answer is YES & NO!

The defining and more relevant questions brands and attendees are asking themselves while signing up for the Design Influencers Conference now are:

Top Ten Influencer Marketing Questions

  1. What does design influence really mean for a luxury interior designer or brand?
  2. How does influence play into building my business and/or personal brand?
  3. How much influence do I have or want to leverage?
  4. How is influence measured if I am a design professional by trade and don't think of myself as an influencer?
  5. What steps do I take to amass and leverage influence to achieve critical design marketing and brand building goals?
  6. How does Influencer Marketing work, step by step?
  7. Are there multiple road maps or strategies for Influencer Marketing success?
  8. How do I avoid making common Influencer Marketing mistakes?
  9. What guidelines should I follow to connect with the right design brands and design professionals?
  10. Who do I need to meet in San Francisco at the conference that I can support or that can help me?

Your Influence Does Have Marketing Value

Most likely you already have credible design influence and are still asking these 10 questions.


Insatagram Influencer Levels

You may be at the bottom of the chart, but Nano and Micro-influencers make up most of the attendees and brands that attend the Design Influencers Conference.  They also have more influence over their followers than Mega and Macro influencers, and that comes with higher engagement rates on Instagram as outlined in this Hype Auditor 2019 State of Influencer Marketing report.


State Of Influencer Marketing Hype Auditor

So everyone is really an influencer with reasonable engagement rates with people that relate to you.  The power of your influence is not about fame; it is determined by a formula that involves your expertise and credibility around a topic X the strength of your online and offline relationships X the number of your followers or size of audience.

Power of Influence

That algorithm works at any level.  You may not consider yourself an influencer, but you are.  Brands need influencers of all kinds. Design trade and consumers don't want to hear what brands and designers have to say about themselves anymore.  They want to hear opinions from trusted relationships inside circles they already deem credible.  That also means that designers and design professionals of all kinds are leaning towards strategies that deploy authentic messaging from people that follow, trust, and align with them.  Many of those are willing to create content authentically interesting and resonant with their followers.  When we talk about ourselves it is never as powerful as when somebody else shares the message first.  Brands and media are losing the influence battle, while fellow industry trade and consumers now hold the cards as outlined in this Snap Inc. commissioned study.

Influencer Trust Levels

Design Influencers Conference: San Francisco, March 1-3 2020

Once known as the Design Bloggers Conference, the upcoming 2020-10th anniversary-annual event's format includes:


  • Connection creation between influencers and brands and other influential design professionals
  • Speakers selected to help local design professionals measure and build their influence
  • Outlines for brands and designers on how to pick viable influencer partnerships
  • Top tips for creating influencer marketing programs for yourself and others
  • Separate "how to" tracks for designers and brands along with meaningful general sessions
  • Experts and examples for deploying social media, digital and offline marketing strategies
  • Lessons for avoiding common mistakes made by influence marketers
  • Top examples of design influencer marketing
  • Influencer marketing thought leaders outside the design industry
  • Networking events designed to build your influencer and professional networks

If you are asking any of the ten questions and suspect these conference elements may be worthy opportunities, then the Design Influencer Conference has been programmed for you and the thousands of other design pros that want to connect with you or want to get to know more about your influence.  See you in San Francisco in March?