2020 Agenda

Sunday, March 1, 2020

10:30AM - 7:30PM

Registration & Information Desk Hours
Pick up your badge and swag bag at the registration desk at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco hotel

Conference Kick-Off: 1:00PM

Influencer & Brand Track Sessions                                                                                      

Influencer Track Sessions located in Grand  Ballroom
Brand Track Sessions located in Conference Theatre  

Brand Track Sponsored by:
High Point Market Authority


Influencer Breakout #1:
Approaching the Organized Influencer Marketing Era - It’s Been a Long Convoluted Trip

Around 2005 Blogger, followed by a fledgling WordPress development community and platform, created overnight Interior Design darlings; committed to the hard work of regular blogging. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sequentially appeared and provided accessibility to thousands of Luxury Design pros looking to build online brands to drive offline business. Today, content swirls on a handful of old and new digital platforms, but offline paths to influence now commingle inside the best Influencer Marketing plans; books, lines, show houses, public talks, private tours, elite memberships, TV, events, etc. Hear from influencers that started early, but evolved and adapted as Influencer Marketing entered newfound stages of sophistication.

Mugs Buckley
Head of Media and Partnerships


Erica Chan Coffman
Founder and Executive Editor

Caitlin Flemming
Founder of lifestyle and interior design blog Sacramento Street



Scot Meacham Wood
Principal and Interior Designer
SMW Home

Brand Breakout #1:
Brand Ambassadors and Influencer Marketing: A Case Study: Sherry Qualls and Jonathan Rachman

Rohl developed a brand ambassador program in key markets. Working with influencers in each market, a multimedia program developed. Learn how this program worked from both influencer (Jonathan Rachman) and brand's (Rohl) perspective. Hear how to select the right influencers, assess and vet the collaboration, design program steps from beginning to end, what worked best, and ROI measurement for both brand and the influencer

Greg Rohl
Former Owner and Manager

Jonathan Rachman
International Interior Designer


Influencer Breakout #2:
Increasing Brand Credibility + Visibility: Press, Paid Speaking + Partnerships

Do you want a feature in Architectural Digest, the mic on a High Point Market panel, or a partnership with Kips Bay Show House? But are you concerned about a lack of strategies, time or clarity to make those next steps happen? Rachael Bozsik is an International Keynote Speaker and Thought Leadership Coach who specializes in coaching creatives to define their personal brand and land prestigious press, paid speaking, and partnerships. In this session, Rachael walks you through her signature 6 step system to gaining credibility and authority within your niche.

Rachael Bozsik

Rachael Bozsik
International Keynote Speaker and
Thought Leadership Coach


Brand Breakout #2:
How Savvy Brands Partner with Influencers

These days, designers and influencers have countless options, and brands are missing opportunities to make themselves equally sought-after. In this talk, Kate O’Hara of Martha O’Hara Interiors, will share how smart brands are going outside the traditional box to offer value and partnership opportunities to the influencers who can move the needle for their companies. Kate will explore the difference between being good and being sought-after by influencers; what designers are looking for in industry partners; how to reach designers and influencers; and thinking outside the box and creating meaningful ROI.

Kate O’Hara
CEO + Creative Director
Martha O’Hara Interiors


Influencer Track Breakout #3:
Using HENRY Clients and Influencer Marketing: Achieve Success Through Creative Freedom

HENRYs (High Earners NOT Rich Yet Millennials) are all about the state of great comfort and extravagant living.  Use luxurious touches to give your HENRY clients the insta-famous lifestyle they crave along with the practicality they need. Instead of feeling chained by the inspirational images that flood the influencer market, take the opportunity to take risks and create something new. Rise above traditional “influencer” content noise and define your own influence.  Garrison will show you ways to go to the mountaintop through inspiration and embracing your craft

Garrison Hullinger
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Brand Track Breakout #3:
Working with Influencers - Best practices and Lessons Learned

Brand and influencer partnerships may seem magical, but the picture-perfect sponsored posts you see on Instagram are the result of careful planning, creativity, hard work, and analytics. And they begin with pairing the right influencer with the right brand. Jennifer will share some hard-earned learning from the Ultraviolet agency, an organizer of influencer marketing programs for the design industry.

Jennifer Smiga
Founder and Creative Director
ultraviolet agency

General Sessions:

General Sessions will be held in Grand Ballroom.

All attendees from the Influencer and Brand Tracks are invited to participate.


General Session #1: Creating for Pinterest

On Pinterest, you can connect your ideas with an inspired audience who is leaned in, looking to do, try, or buy something new. As creators, your content helps over 330 million Pinners created a life they love–and there really is no Pinterest without you! We'll dive into the value our platform brings to creators, how you can optimize your content for the platform, and exciting things to come in 2020. Come learn more about how we are becoming the world's inspiration company, and why you should create to inspire, not to influence.

Ashley Schroeder
Creator Marketing Lead


Networking Break for All Participants

4:20PM - 4:40PM
Influencer Insight Session #1: Grow Your Brand, Gain Exposure & Deliver Affiliate Results
Sponsored by Frontgate

The synthesis of media, retail brands, digital influencers and affiliate programs has evolved to a cloud of true influential mass. Major changes to the media landscape have created a windfall of opportunities for influencers and brands to step up and control the message. Join Frontgate as they give their prospectus on the Influencer/Brand cloud as well as insights on how both brand and influencer can mutually work together.
Seating is limited and RSVP requested

Tyler Thompson

Sr. Brand Marketing Manager Frontgate






Kate Beebe
Sr. Brand Marketing Specialist, Frontgate


General Session #2 and Opening Keynote: Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton


Special Announcement from Dallas Market Center
Michael Bauer,  Vice President of Design, Dallas Market Center


Welcome Reception at the Grand Hyatt hotel - all participants invited to attend.



Monday, March 2, 2020

General Sessions

General Sessions will be held in Grand Ballroom.

All sessions on Monday are General Sessions- all attendees from the Influencer and Brand Tracks are invited to attend.


Coffee with Exhibitors and Sponsors


Pre-Conference Session 1: Mentor Roundtable Q&A with Influencers
LOOKING FOR REAL INPUT FOR YOUR ONLINE STRATEGY? Ask questions of 5 experienced design bloggers/influencers regarding your website, blog, social channels strategies and techniques. 
Space is limited and RSVP required - learn more.

Pre-Conference Session 2: Rules of Engagement
Join Laiza Cors, co-founder of the only home-focused influencer marketing agency Embello, for an informative dive into Influencer Marketing. Space is limited and RSVP Required 

Pre-Conference Session 3: Maximizing Your High Point Market Potential
Exhibiting at High Point Market presents incredible opportunities for brands to interact with every facet of the home furnishings industry. But are you maximizing your potential by taking advantage of all of the complimentary resources available to you to help you make the right connections? Join Ashley Grigg, Director of Marketing and Communications with the High Point Market Authority, as she drills down into the various ways an exhibitor can promote their High Point presence, and how the High Point Market Authority can assist.
Space is limited and RSVP Required

8:30AM - 9:10AM

Tenth Annual Welcome: The Year of the Nano-Influencers

Celebrating our joyous long strange trip since the Design Bloggers Conference launch in 2011, your 2020 Design Influencers Conference trips to San Francisco to celebrate the confluence of its 10th anniversary and the global embrace of the NANO-INFLUENCER. The welcome session helps you orient your own opportunity and standing inside the luxury home design industry's powerful nano-influencer wave.

Adam Japko
Founder and CEO
Esteem Media and
Design Influencers Conference


Stacy Kunstel
Stylist, Editor, Producer, and Author
Co-Founder, Dunes and Duchess



Keynote: Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus


Networking Break with Exhibitors and Sponsors

10:15AM - 10:35AM

Influencer Insight Session #2: Reach 80,000 Influential Brands, Retailers & Designers with NY NOW
Sponsored by NY NOW

Leading design brands exhibit at NY NOW® to stand out on their own, apart from collective showroom space and present their full identity, branding, and vision to the retail and design community. This creative environment fosters opportunities for unique and meaningful collaborations and is the perfect setting for influencers to identify with brands, make powerful connections and reach the retail design community. Join Trish Borrelli Lauren Sweder for an intimate discussion on how you can leverage connections at NY NOW to grow your business.

Seating is limited and RSVP requested

Trish Borrelli
Attendee Acquisition Manager, NY NOW

Lauren Sweder
Content and Programming Specialist, NY NOW

10:10AM - 10:35AM

Brand Mentor Roundtable Session: Brand Basics-How to Get Started with Influencer Marketing -First Steps in Building a Successful Relationship for Content, Campaigns, and Events.  Seating is limited and RSVP requested- learn more


Building Influence Your Way: Organic Influence Case Study 

Influence building for business success has never been wholly reliant on digital content creation.  Sometimes, following wholly organic paths that appear opportunistic engender influence and notoriety. Kim Salmela, insisted on doing it her way; making strong forward thinking decisions at key inflection points in her career.  Caroline Hipple of Norwalk has had a bird’s eye seat over the past years and will interview Kim as she shares stories and advice for building influence organically.

Kim Salmela
Furniture and Interior Designer


Caroline Hipple
Norwalk Furniture


YouTube Video Marketing for Luxury Design

On August 23, 2019, Michel Smith Boyd announced he had launched his own attention-grabbing video series and YouTube channel How To Luxury. He quickly shared that “It’s probably one of my most vulnerable undertakings ever.” YouTube video content marketing has proven to be the most effective Influencer Marketing platform yet for fashion and luxury industries beyond Luxury Design.  Michel will share what drove this decision, how it fits into his overall brand strategy, what’s involved in creating and managing a video effort like his, and how to determine if it is the right path to take.

Michel Smith Boyd
American Interior Designer and
Bravo TV Celebrity



Joy Street Initiative

Joy Street Initiative is a Bay Area nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives through transforming spaces for other local Bay Area nonprofit organizations.  They partner with local community organizations that are on the front line helping those in need by updating their spaces.  Joy Street Initiative was started in 2018 by Kelly Finley, owner and principal designer of Joy Street Design, a full-service interior design firm in Oakland that proudly donates full design time, and at least 10% of its profits to Joy Street Initiative. 

Kelly Finley
Owner and Principal Designer
Joy Street Design


Lunch for all participants


Nurturing Prospective Clients

Sandra Funk, founder of House of Funk, and Nicole Heymer, founder of Curio Electro, will discuss how to nurture potential clients, why it matters to your business, and how it works.  Hear best practices for creating purposeful email lead nurture campaigns.  This session will feature 3 distinctly different nurturing approaches while letting marketing automation do the work.  Understand sequencing that feels human and the various sophistication levels of different email platforms

Sandra Funk
Founder and Principal Designer
House of Funk




Nicole Heymer
Curio Electro


Show Houses for Building Brands: Riding the Influencer Marketing Wave 

Participating in Show Houses is a large commitment.  So what is the value to brands and designers for providing product and services?  Is it new clients? Making new connections?  Press Coverage? Social Buzz?  Zoe Gowen, Executive Editor of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles whose magazine has been a longtime organizer of Atlanta’s two most venerable show house projects will lead a discussion with veteran show house influencers who learned how to leverage the show experience as Influencer Marketers, and in one case, almost “breaking the internet”.

Zoë Gowen
Executive Editor
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Young Huh
Principal and Designer
Young Huh Interior Design



Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Nicholas
Partners & Principal Interior Designers


Networking with Exhibitors and Sponsors


Influencer Insight Session #3: Connection and Collaboration for Interior Designers
Sponsored by Fabricut Inc.

In this session from Fabricut, interior designers can learn more about collaborating with the right brands, and find out what Fabricut’s family of brands is looking for when it comes to brand partnerships in digital and traditional channels, from social media to blogs, vlogs, and showhouses.

Seating is limited and RSVP requested

Danica Jones
Senior Director of Marketing
Fabricut Inc.


Instagram: Brand Fuel -- Why Won’t People Follow Me? 

Still not sure you have developed an Instagram persona that people NEED to follow? Everyone can share great content, but like a magazine, the magic is in the edit and understanding your audience.  Popularity as a priority element in human nature can be your driving force.  By thinking about Instagram as a modern magazine, you can develop an authentic following that can’t get enough.  Step outside your own Insta doppelgänger and think about the platform in your audience in inspirational ways. 

Christian Daw
Principal and Architectural Designer
Christian Daw Design


Top Instagram Trends You Need to Know in 2020
Stay ahead of the trends in 2020 in this tactical session about Instagram! From stories to IGTV and all the new features and apps in-between, catch up on the content and features you need to know this year.

You'll learn: 
- what content types are trending 
- the best apps to help you create content 
- new ways to get more engagement and followers in 2020 

Taylor Loren
Head of Content Marketing Lead


Keynote: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr
Celebrated Model,

Founder and CEO, KORA Organics
Designer and Founder, Miranda Kerr Home


High Point Design Bloggers Tour - Spring 2020 Announcement: Ashley Grigg of High Point Market Authority and Adam Japko

Ashley Grigg
Director of Marketing and Communications
High Point Market Authority


Networking Reception at the Grand Hyatt hotel - all participants are invited to attend

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Influencer and Brand Track Sessions                                                                                                           

Influencer Track Sessions located in Grand  Ballroom
Brand Track Sessions located in Conference Theatre


Brand Track Sponsored by:
High Point Market Authority


Coffee with Exhibitors and Sponsors

7:30AM - 8:25AM

Pre-Conference Session 1: Mentor Roundtable Q&A with Influencers- Overflow sesions
LOOKING FOR REAL INPUT FOR YOUR ONLINE STRATEGY? Ask questions of 5 experienced design bloggers/influencers regarding your website, blog, social channels strategies and techniques.
Space is limited and RSVP required - learn more.


Influencer Breakout #4:
Integrating Successful Shoppable Commerce Into Your Websites and Social Channels For 24/7 Income

Influencers/designers and brands who are conveyors/purveyors of physical products face an increasing and technically sophisticated level of e-commerce activity from search and social platforms; designed to benefit the platforms financially.  Hear the latest tactical strategies from Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership, on how to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and 24/7 revenue creation through integrating shoppable digital products, courses, magazines, layered with affiliate product links and e-commerce links, into your own websites and social media platforms to position your business for powerful financial success in 2020 and beyond. 

Leslie Carothers
The Kaleidoscope Partnership and Savour Partnership

Brand Breakout #4:
Stacy Kunstel's Styling Showrooms/Exhibits for Design Influencer Engagement

What gets some showrooms and trade show exhibits better attendance and coverage by design influencers and press? The answer always includes “great styling”. Traditional approaches to exhibit design beg for more in the era of influencer marketing. Hear styling phenom and Design Influencers Conference co-host Stacy Kunstel’s tips on creating attention and engagement with opinion leaders at markets and showrooms.

Stacy Kunstel
Stylist, Editor, Producer, and Author
Co-Founder, Dunes and Duchess


Influencer Breakout #5:
iPhonography: Composition & Lighting For Striking Imagery

When you pick up your iPhone to shoot, are you thinking about composition and lighting; the two most important elements of great photography? Do you have separate strategies for indoors and outdoors? Since iPhones make it easy to look like an experienced photographer, Linda will make you comfortable with framing, cropping, rules of thirds, background awareness, symmetry and patterns, hard and soft lighting, exposure control, and more.

Linda Holt
Interior Designer and Photographer
Linda Holt Creative

Brand Breakout #5:
Impact Marketing & Physical Locations

Home furnishings brands understand the value in cultivating the interior design channel since they bring steady flows of clients for years. Targeting interior design pros with influence is now de riguer.  They have the ability to communicate with thousands of prospects with the authenticity their audiences vigorously subscribe to. This session will cover (1) how to make your physical point of sale spaces (booths, showrooms, retail locations, installs) alluring to Influencers and (2) best practices for creating in-real-life experiences that bring brands and products to life in ways that attract Influencers.

Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Nicholas
Partners & Principal Interior Designers


Influencer Breakout #6: 
Rethinking Luxury Design Marketing: The Media

2019 was the year Design Media experienced the most tangible culmination of innovation and challenges brewing since the industry's recovery in 2012. Venerable national media faced head on challenges from digital upstarts, new media formats, design influencers, and a legacy national operating model configured around an industry driven by local commerce. Hear from Adam Japko and Stacy Kunstel on why all these shifts and what it means for you.

Adam Japko
CEO and Founder, Esteem Media
Design Influencers Conference

Stacy Kunstel
Stylist, Editor, Producer, and Author
Co-Founder, Dunes and Duchess

Brand Breakout #6:
Optimizing the Showroom Experience- A Case Study

California Home+Design Editorial Director Lindsey Shook and DZINE managing director and COO Austin Forbord, discuss how the DZINE team have disrupted the traditional showroom model through innovative programming, merchandising and more to create a complete lifestyle brand that transcends the retail experience. Forbord will share his expert insights on brand marketing, design trends and what the future holds for the showrooms of tomorrow. Attendees are invited to explore and learn more about the gallery's various product areas; Dzine retail,  Dzine Gallery, Kitchens & Baths Boffi/Porro, Staging and Contract.

Lindsey Shook
Editorial Director
California Home+Design magazine

Austin Forbord
Managing Director


Networking Break with Exhibitors and Sponsors

General Sessions:

General  Sessions will be held in Grand  Ballroom.

All attendees from the Influencer and Brand Tracks are invited to participate.


General Session: Social Media Tips for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram

Kyla understands how Social Media was an integral key career building block. Interestingly, Pinterest was foundational and remains her jam.  She will astound you with tangible reasons to never underestimate the power of that content platform. Admittedly, FaceBook is not as happy a place for her, but Kyla demonstrates how both FaceBook and Instagram are also required platforms for building online influence for offline brand strength.  Here is the chance to hear about all of the tools she used to streamline the process and how she aligned the various platforms and measured relevant outcomes.

Kyla Herbes
Owner and Art Director
House Of Hipsters


General Session and Closing Keynote:
Design Brands and Content Creators -Navigating the Social Media Evolution

Mae Karwowski is Founder and CEO of Obviously, the leading influencer marketing agency for Fortune 500 companies. As a pioneer of the industry since 2014, it hasn’t been a straight-forward path but Mae and her team have worked hard to both shape and stay ahead of trends in influencer marketing while managing thousands of campaigns. The session is designed to help brands and influencers address the crucial steps that follow after building as strong social presence and navigate wisely as social platforms undergo major changes.

For brands, Mae will share strategies and platforms that are essential for making the most of influencer marketing budgets, even as organic reach shrinks and advertising costs grow on the biggest channels. And for those brands that haven’t jumped into influencer marketing yet, she’ll talk about the best place to start right now in 2020. For influencers, the session will dive into the ever-looming question for influencers - what’s next? - as well as tried-and-true strategies for influencers working towards leveraging their personal brands.

Mae Karwowski
Founder and CEO


California Home + Design: A San Francisco Afternoon

Ali Grosslight, and her successful San Francisco based California Home + Design media team, join up with Esteem Media's event organizers to create 4+ amazing hours around San Francisco; immersed in carefully curated product, reception, and educational experiences.  Transportation from hotel provided.

2:00PM -4:00PM- Sips and Bites at the DZINE Gallery
Attendees are invited to enjoy sips and bites at DZINE to explore and learn more about the gallery's various product areas; Dzine retail, Dzine Gallery, Kitchens & Baths Boffi/Porro, Staging and Contract.

4:00-6:00PM - 2020 Design Mixoff with California Home+Design and Purcell Murray
Join California Home+Design and Purcell Murray for a stylish competition at the 2020 Design Mix-Off. Guests will experience Purcell Murray’s stunning Kitchen, Bath & Outdoor showroom while tasting and voting for their favorite curated cocktails created by select members of San Francisco's amazing design community. Guestlist access will be granted to Design Influencers Conference guests first, space is limited- RSVP required and invitation will be sent to all pre-registered attendees and all guests must be 21 and older.

Sponsored and Presented by: