Design Influencers Connect 2021
Digital Events Agenda

Digital Event One: March 1-2, 2021

Monday, March 1 - Day One

2:00PM- 2:05PM



Branding & Influencer Marketing: Useful Revelations for the Post Pandemic Era

Like everything else, influencer marketing & brand development were impacted by the Covid pandemic. Conducting usual business marketing sensitive to pandemic-driven changes in human nature and abnormal lifestyle conditions invited new and specific styles of content creation and engagement. Since the first quarter of 2020, the process of building influence online for business outcomes evolved under an organic cloak with shifts that will last long into post pandemic years. Adam will provide a 30-minute overview of the pandemic’s impact on Influencer Marketing for the design industry including:

1) Human Condition & Online Audiences
2) Digital Marketing Developments
3) Long Term Effects On Influencer Marketing Tactics

Adam Japko, Chief Executive Officer of Esteem Media, Inc, keeps busy with magazines like Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and New England Home, design industry events that include Design Influencers Conference and Luxury Home Design Summit, along with myriad other projects from designer showhouses to design influencer and luxury design & wine travel tours.

Leading up to his founding Esteem Media leadership role, Adam Japko served as President of DigitalSherpa, a high growth SMB social media, content marketing, and internet discovery business offering content, social media, reputation management, local listings, lead generation, web business intelligence, and more. The company served over 4,000 SMBs. These experiences, along with the unexpected success of his wine blog, WineZag, reaffirmed a deep belief that authentic digital content& consistent online community engagement drive in-person networking to create a powerful brew capable of transforming personal and business brands. Prior to DigitalSherpa, Adam led the creation of the largest network of regional luxury shelter media properties for Network Communications, Inc (NCI). While President there, he acquired or launched all of the properties that now make up most of Esteem Media, Inc.’s current portfolio.   

2:50PM - 3:10PM

Brand Collaboration Presentation Overview

Three brands will introduce their influencer program and brand style to design influencers. 

3:10PM - 3:55PM

Navigating the Differences Between Brand Building and Transactional Media Channels

There has been a lot of news and a lot of noise in the realms of digital and social media over the last year, and properly navigating new channels, as well as how existing ones have changed can seem like a fairly daunting task. In this session, we will aim to get a better sense of how to leverage new media for building your brand in an effort to connect with consumers, as well as driving transactional engagement to drive business growth. Here’s what you can expect to learn in this session:
• How have networks evolved over the past year, and what new networks can offer your business in terms of both growth and sales
• How to build an ecosystem of channels geared towards achieving goals related to either transactional business or brand development and awareness (without overwhelming yourself)
• What best practices should be adopted in order to get the most out of each network where you choose to have a presence

Corey Padveen is an industry-leading marketing data expert with extensive experience building strategies and working with brands in a variety of industries to execute measurable growth campaigns. He is a partner at t2 Marketing International (, an award-winning marketing consultancy that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world over its 30-year history. 

Corey’s background in economics is focused largely on econometrics – economic statistics – which has allowed him to develop unique, first-of-their-kind approaches to analyzing marketing data and identifying new opportunities for t2’s clients. He has pioneered the concepts of social equity, which has provided a basis for an expansive study on new media measurability, and ResponsiveBranding, a proprietary concept which leverages vast amounts of market data to develop more effective strategies.

The highly in-demand nature of Corey’s expertise has led to him speaking at conferences, summits, and corporate events all over the world. He contributes regularly to a variety of online and print publications and sits on a number of advisory boards, including the global Ampersand Advisory Board for gaming. Corey is the author of “Marketing to Millennials For Dummies” as part of the For Dummies series for Wiley, and a contributing author of Marketing All-in-One For Dummies.


Wrap-up of Day One and Preview for Day Two


Speed Networking
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Day One adjourns at 5:00PM

Tuesday, March 2 - Day Two


Welcome and Introductions by Adam Japko


Brand Collaboration Presentation #1

These sessions offer brands the opportunity to introduce influencer programs and brand style to design influencers. Determining the right "fit" for influencer/brand collaborations may be the single most important foundational factor for influencer marketing success. Participating in these sessions allows influencers to determine if a particular brand relationship feels "on brand" with influencers' style and content, permits authenticity that aligns with influencers' audiences, permits suitable creative freedom, offers brand affinity (already believe in the product), and can be built on trust/professionalism.


Brand Collaboration Presentation #2


Brand Collaboration Presentation #3

3:50PM- 4:00PM

Wrap-up of Day Two - Adam Japko


Speed Networking
Hopin's networking feature will randomly match attendees to meet and connect face-to-face. Be prepared to use your camera and microphone. You'll have 5 minutes to chat and then the program will automatically pair you with another attendee!

Day Two and Event One adjourns at 5:00PM

Digital Event Two: April 5-6, 2021

Speaker, Topics, and Agenda for Digital  Event Two to be announced shortly

Digital Event Three: May 3-4, 2021

Speaker, Topics, and Agenda for Digital  Event Three to be announced shortly