4-Hour Home Design Workweek? Say “YES” to Affiliate Marketing

Looking for ways to generate more revenue? Learn how without changing your routines by participating in the world of online affiliate marketing. Forget terms like “advertiser” or “publisher” and build lucrative partnerships in the time it takes to “swipe left”. This jam-packed session is guaranteed to transform the way you think about your role as a design professional on the internet.


  • What type of content you need to have to play
  • Why this will elevate your brand to a whole new level
  • Who would be interested in working with you
  • How to maximize the opportunity with the least amount of time and effort

kelly-fallisKelly Fallis is the founder and CEO of Remote Stylist, the online furniture platform with 350+ brands, $1 shipping duties included in Canada/USA and free Stylist sourcing help. A true pioneer in the online furniture world, she can dazzle you with stories journeying her trials and tribulations when it comes to import/export, logistics, custom development, marketing, brand management, web development, ecommerce, big data and real estate matters. Follow her on Twitter @kellyfallis.

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