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Design Influencers Conference
March 1-3, 2020
Grand Hyatt San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Posts by Adam Japko

Top Ten Questions Design Influencer Conference Attendees Ask

Insatagram Influencer Levels

“Is the March 2020 San Francisco Design Influencers Conference programmed  for design influencers and brands actively involved in Influencer Marketing programs?” The answer is YES & NO! The defining and more relevant questions brands and attendees are asking themselves while signing up for the Design Influencers Conference now are: Top Ten Influencer Marketing Questions What…

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Influencer Marketing for Brands

There are enough influencer marketing platforms for brands to become overwhelmed figuring out where to turn to build influencer networks and programs. While influencers invest years of hard work creating and sharing online content, conducting offline networking, and generally building their overall influence with incessant elbow grease, brands often decide overnight when they are ready to…

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DBC Is The Design Influencers Conference

DBC The Design Influencers Conference

The Design Bloggers Conference, often referred to by its familiar DBC acronym, launched as a digital content marketing conference for the design industry in Los Angeles in 2011.  The event was created so design bloggers, the main online design influencers at the time, could meet up to enhance their personal brand building skills while participating…

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Kevin O’Gara Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

I’m Kevin O’Gara, founder and editor of the design blog Thou Swell. I’m based out of Atlanta, GA, but am currently in school at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. When I was 15 I created Thou Swell, named after the famous jazz standard and inspired by the song’s spirit and nostalgia. In just over five…

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Sarah Wilson Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

Who am I? I’m Sarah Cleopatra Wilson and I’m… So many of us define ourselves by our jobs, our interests or our relationships and so I present myself to you. I was born on St. Lucia, WI but grew up on St. Croix, USVI. My mother taught me to sew when I was in the…

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Sarah Montgomery Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

I come from an arts background, a textiles degree and a diverse career path that eventually led me to interior design. In the past ten years I have been an installation artist for retail stores, events and theater; teaching artist, and product designer in the bedding and soft home furnishings industry. Over the past several…

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Morgan Motsinger Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

Back in the 90’s when weblogging was a squalling newborn, I was in grade school, so busy making elaborate dollhouses out of anything and everything that I didn’t have time to actually play with the Barbies. Two decades later I made the leap to start my own interior design business. As mom of three children,…

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Dayna Hairston Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

Dayna Hairston is the founder of Dayziner LLC, a boutique design agency offering design tips, home styling advice, curated product selections and virtual interior design services. Our editorial mission is to make design accessible, affordable and inspired. We accomplish this by demystifying the complexities of abstract design principles and empowering the typical homeowner or design…

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