Design Influencers Conference Announces 2023 Pop Up at Dallas Market Center

The Design Influencers Conference (DIC), in collaboration with the Dallas Market Center, will produce a one day conference in Dallas on November 7, 2023. The event will feature top speakers and topics critical to current day influencer marketing and brand collaboration success. The conference’s best speakers and most in demand topics will be drawn on…

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Design Influencers Leadership Conference In Napa Valley

Concluding a deliberate phase of transformative planning following last year’s successful 2022 Design Influencers Conference (DIC), the organizers at Esteem Media are pleased to announce its highly anticipated new event format. Launched as the Design Bloggers Conference (DBC) in 2011, the conference eventually evolved into the Design Influencers Conference and now take its next logical…

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How Will Leaders Run Luxury Design Businesses In 2022?

Interior design firm leaders and owners are currently navigating a topsy-turvy landscape of surging demand and declining supply, disrupted work environments, atight employment market, impediments to travel, and myriad shifts inthe normal course of business. What strategies and operating tactics feel urgent now? What obstacles do design business leaders see standing in the way of…

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Three dynamics facing our industry and your design business

I founded the Design Influencers Conference in 2011 when the worst housing crisis in our industry’s history showed the first cracks of daylight. Simultaneously, it was apparent that new marketing strategies (blogs and social media) were a new way forward. I am connecting directly with you today because the March 2022 Design Influencers Conference is…

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Design Influencers Conference Returns Live to Atlanta March 6 2022

It is full steam ahead as the Design Influencers Conference returns live to Atlanta March 6 2022.  Following two postponements and three energetic Design Influencers Connect digital broadcasts and networking events, the conference organizers are preparing a robust return of this venerable live experience.  The March 6-8, 2022 event includes a new advisory board, surprise…

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Live Events Feel Retro? Design Influencers Conference Is All In!

Retro Design Influencers

It has been a long dark winter for live events since March 2020; an extended period that has some of us thinking that live events feel retro.  But, the sky is clearing and the Design Influencers Conference (DIC) is going all in this March in Atlanta.  After a surprisingly wonderful series of online DIConnect events…

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Design Influencers Raved; Finalizing Second DIConnect

DIConnect Opening Presentation

Design influencers raved while hundreds of delegates logged on for several hours of DIConnect programming over three days in early March 2021.  Exactly one year from the close of the last in-person Design Influencers Conference in San Francisco, Esteem Media opened up the first of three broadcasts for influencer marketing presentations, influencer recruitment, networking, and…

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DIConnect is Here!

DIConnect Something New

We are less that two weeks away from the first of three broadcasts and networking opportunities for Design Influencers and brands. On March 1 at 1:45pm the luxury design industry’s influencer marketing, creator, and social media community will have the chance to connect, get timely information on the pandemic’s lasting impact on building influence for…

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Design Influencers Conference Pandemic-Life-Raft

Design Influencers Connect

Two years is just too long in between Design Influencers Conferences.  The changing design influencer and digital brand building playbook evolved too quickly this year.  Now is the time for new connections, time sensitive skill acquisition, and tactical updates for meaningful business outcomes that thousands of design professionals have come to rely on from the…

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2021 Atlanta Design Influencers Conference Canceled, BUT….

While our design community continues to provide us with heartwarming encouragement to produce Design Influencers Conference (DIC) 2021, we are saddened to announce our decision to cancel the February Atlanta conference; now rescheduled for the same time frame in 2022. We have zero-tolerance right now for putting our community near conference venues or harm’s way.…

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