Three dynamics facing our industry and your design business

I founded the Design Influencers Conference in 2011 when the worst housing crisis in our industry’s history showed the first cracks of daylight. Simultaneously, it was apparent that new marketing strategies (blogs and social media) were a new way forward. I am connecting directly with you today because the March 2022 Design Influencers Conference is as urgent considering three dynamics facing our industry and your design business.

  1. AGAIN, content and marketing technology for growing businesses is changing for designers and brands.
  2. Consumer commerce patterns have moved online and they are eager to spend and transact in different ways than before, based on your vision, passion, and perspective
  3. Brands, design influencers, and all home marketers are yearning to learn and collaborate sooner than later to remain on the right growth path.

The March 2022 Design Influencers Conference is organized around these three parameters. In the next couple of weeks, we will break down the event’s agenda for you by activities, speakers, topical categories, and skill sets forming the backbone of the March conference – an event designed to share knowledge and important new connections that can put you ahead of the pack by sharpening the course of your business and marketing activity.

To start, you won’t want to miss my opening presentation that you can also find on our Agenda.

We look forward to speaking with you over the next couple of weeks.


Adam Japko | Chief Executive Officer
Esteem Media and Design Influencers Conference

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