Design Influencers Raved; Finalizing Second DIConnect

Design influencers raved while hundreds of delegates logged on for several hours of DIConnect programming over three days in early March 2021.  Exactly one year from the close of the last in-person Design Influencers Conference in San Francisco, Esteem Media opened up the first of three broadcasts for influencer marketing presentations, influencer recruitment, networking, and private meetings; a joyous reconnection for the community of luxury design professionals that busy themselves with building influence and followings for meaningful business outcomes. The broadcast surpassed the experiential requirements that Design Influencer Conference organizers demand for this community and they immediately began finalizing the second DIConnect planning for the April 5-6 agenda.

April DIConnect: You and Your Brand

Rachael Bozsik DIConnect speakerDr. Larry Peltz DIConnect Speaker

Keynote speakers are Rachael Bozsik and Dr. Larry Peltz.

The COVID pandemic has created many shifts in the world and in the conditions we face in our lives and businesses. These changes have been at different times destabilizing, illuminating, freeing, and frightening. Dr. Peltz’s talk will focus on how we can use the data of our own experience — in the economic climate, in our clients and in ourselves—as opportunities for learning to relate to stress and difficult emotions, tapping into our creativity and authenticity.

Do you feel like you are your industry’s best-kept secret or lack the personal brand visibility, inbound leads, and high-profile clients you deserve?  Rachael will share insights into creating the time, clarity, and know-how to make that happen.  The talk will address COVID era branding opportunities, niche requirements, brand audits, and other key steps in organizing a profitable branding approach.

Design Influencers and Brands Raved

Activity over several hours of programming during the first broadcast in March was overwhelming.

1439 Chat Messages
288 One-to-One Meetings
1103 Unique Interactions in our Sponsor Booths
468 Minutes Average Time Spent in the Event by Attendee

Attendees loved the experience. Here is a sample of the feedback:

“Excellent content today! Very refreshing to have a casual, yet professional presentation completely free of any tiring current/news event overtones/undertones. YAY!!!!!!!”

“I just wanted to reach out and say a HUGE thank you! What a fantastic event you just put on! This was my first time taking part in Design Influencers. I’ve blogged for 10 years and am launching a separate design site in the coming weeks. So this couldn’t have come at a better time! I got the chance to connect with some really great people through the conference and feeling inspired.”

“I am loving this event! So happy to be here.”

“Adam and his team, did an incredible job!! So exciting to finally be able to attend.”

“Amazing platform for networking and love the surprise connections. Wish I could keep on chatting but have to run. Well done Adam and Luba. Looking forward to tomorrow.”

If you missed the first broadcast in March, you can still register FREE here for the second and/or third broadcast(s); each one presenting different themed content.  We hope to see you in April and in case you missed it, check out the following opening presentation from the March broadcast.