Live Events Feel Retro? Design Influencers Conference Is All In!

It has been a long dark winter for live events since March 2020; an extended period that has some of us thinking that live events feel retro.  But, the sky is clearing and the Design Influencers Conference (DIC) is going all in this March in Atlanta.  After a surprisingly wonderful series of online DIConnect events this winter and spring, nobody is more excited to bring DIC back to a live stage in Atlanta than its producers.  Celebrating the shift from retro to current, we are offering special retro rates for attendees and sponsors that sign up before August 1.

Retro Design Influencers

DIC held an impromptu, in-person networking event in the Design Oasis earlier this month at High Point Market.  We saw so many new and old friends that make our conference community tick. It was beyond special.  We are electrified thinking what it will be like again on March 6, 2022 back at a luxury Atlanta hotel in ballrooms filled with energetic brands and influencers connecting in-person.  These were magical moments that we all got used to celebrating together.  So many of us also underestimated how much we would miss them when they disappeared from the calendar.

Our DIConnect online series registered 1300 influencers and brands.  There was too much new ground to cover and we couldn’t wait a full year to explore some great new speakers and timely topics.

Influence Quarantined

Focusing on post pandemic marketing, our most popular sessions included Instagram, Email Marketing, and Post-Pandemic Consumer/Brand/Influencer Behavior Report…..all of which we plan to update and bring live to the stage in Atlanta.  Mostly, DIConnect was exhilarating and energy charged.  So many folks that never attended a live DIC got to experience a slice of our conference culture along with the openness and inclusion this community always seems to project.  Hopefully, we will all get to meet lots of new faces in person next year.

Design Influencers Conference Retro Rates

For now, go ahead and register here for retro attendee rates before August 1 while the celebration sale lasts.  Brands can contact Laurie Powell at for retro sponsor rates before August 1.  See you in March 2022.