Design Influencers Conference Pandemic-Life-Raft

Two years is just too long in between Design Influencers Conferences.  The changing design influencer and digital brand building playbook evolved too quickly this year.  Now is the time for new connections, time sensitive skill acquisition, and tactical updates for meaningful business outcomes that thousands of design professionals have come to rely on from the Design Influencers Conference over the last ten years.  After long hours of thinking hard about how NOT TO PRODUCE A CONFERENCE ONLINE, we are excited to put forward our made-for-digital Design Influencer Conference pandemic-life-raft; DIConnect.
Design Influencers Connect

We are finalizing Design Influencer Connect’s era-critical marketing content, speed networking, and brand/influencer exploration sessions now. After all, those are the three main activities everyone comes to the live event for each year. We will produce these sessions over a few hours monthly for 3 months;  March thru May.   Because this activity is urgent for our community, we are offering it for free this year.  These gratis registrations represent 1) our giant thank you to our expanding community that has continually provided us the energy and encouragement to produce the Design Bloggers Conference and Design Influencers Conference for 10 years now and 2) our offer to anyone who has never attended a live DBC or DIC to experience how we roll.  By registering you can attend the few programmed hours (or just the parts that suit your needs) over two consecutive days.  You can register here for all three monthly online events or just one or two.  Again, there is no fee for any level of attendance.

What Is The Design Influencer Connect Experience?

Brands are looking to find influencer collaboration now more than ever, so every month’s event will give various brands the chance to find like minded design influencers.  As usual, the content will feature speakers outside the design industry that are expert at a certain skill needed for today’s style of digital design marketing and commerce. Each month Design Influencers Connect will feature two expert speakers for a half hour each with 15 minutes of Q/A; one from inside the industry and one outside the design industry.  The digital event platform instigates speed networking between attendees that want to experience that.  Everyone is invited to create a full profile they feel is representative of their business activity or relevant to outside brands looking for influencers.  Enough detail for now. More information on specific topics, speakers, registration, and agendas will come via the DIC website, social media, and email.

It has been a year of uncertainty in so many ways.  We always felt that it would be a wasted year if we did not contribute our part to the luxury design industry.  The starting point was to never export our conference online. Our end point is this Design Influencers Conference pandemic-life-raft; delivering familiar conference ROI without asking anyone to commit to a lot of time or any kind of activity that isn’t intuitive to their usual online habits.  So, now for something we never thought we would say this year…..”See you in March of 2021!”