Design Influencers Conference Announces 2023 Pop Up at Dallas Market Center

The Design Influencers Conference (DIC), in collaboration with the Dallas Market Center, will produce a one day conference in Dallas on November 7, 2023. The event will feature top speakers and topics critical to current day influencer marketing and brand collaboration success. The conference’s best speakers and most in demand topics will be drawn on at the Dallas Market Center this November.

In a year that DIC’s organizers at Esteem Media decided to hold off staging its next multi day conference to reimagine and plan a new and expanded annual conference, staging a one day event in Texas (the largest home state of attendees over the 12 years of East and West coast conferences) is a response to the design influencer community’s desire for continued content, networking and brand collaboration.

“The Dallas Market Center has been a supporter and collaborator with the Design Influencers Conference since the very first conference in 2011,” says conference founder/emcee and CEO of Esteem Media, Adam Japko, “and Texas has drawn more attendees to our conferences than any other state (aside from the host state) as we organized conferences each year exclusively in California and Georgia. The design community has been urging us to produce an event in 2023, so it was a no-brainer to work with the Dallas Market Center on this conference pop up during a period we had reserved to research and plan our next major conference. It also gives us the chance to tighten up the agenda into one day and only present some of the best topics and speakers we have worked with during our past events.”

Registration online here and hotel reservation here for our Pop-Up event.

Travel and registration details on the next 3 day Design Influencers Leadership Conference in Napa Valley will be published in late fall of 2023.