DIConnect is Here!

DIConnect Something NewWe are less that two weeks away from the first of three broadcasts and networking opportunities for Design Influencers and brands. On March 1 at 1:45pm the luxury design industry’s influencer marketing, creator, and social media community will have the chance to connect, get timely information on the pandemic’s lasting impact on building influence for business outcomes, and instigate collaborations between brands and design professionals.  That is what the agenda for DIConnect by Design Influencers Conference is all about.

DIConnect is Free to Attend

DIConnect offers free registration for design pros and brands/showrooms/market centers/media in the luxury home design industry.  We built the online broadcast series with the same ROI delivery that attendees come to our live events to achieve.  But, this is not a conference.  We do not believe conferences should be transformed online.  There is no substitute for the wonders of DIC live.  DIConnect is what we would have launched 11 years ago if the internet was what it is today. Launching in this upside down year of 2021 lead us to divide the monthly sessions into three different content wells:

DIConnectDIConnect Sessions:

March 1-2 Pandemic-Driven Change

April 5-6 You and Your Brand

May 3-4 Skills and Platforms

Looking back, our first conference was powerful, but today’s in person Design Influencer Conference events are skyscrapers of improved experience compared to the cottage of inexperience we built in 2010.  We expect that we will also look back at our first broadcasts years from now and smile at our inexperience in this rookie year.

The challenges of online broadcast technology might haunt us in some way, but we have worked very hard to eliminate that.  We feel the same giddy nervousness and fears we experienced 11 years ago knowing how good it could be, yet how many mistakes we all might make first time around.  We hope you take that ride with us and participate in the lasting benefits of being part of a founding community of something special added to the luxury design industry’s landscape and calendar.

Adam Japko and Corey Padveen will deliver the two stage talks during the kick-off March broadcast.

Adam JapkoCorey Padveen

Our most powerful recommendation, after you sign up, is to login at least one hour earlier during the morning of the event and set up your profile completely with photo and info and just familiarize yourself with the online environment.  It’s quite easy.  There are three main areas to visit; stage, exhibition, and speed networking which you will see on the left of your screen.  On the right side of your screen you will see chats, offers, participant lists, and polls.  It’s as simple as that. Pajamas, sweats, and a little lipstick are fully appropriate.  Just have your cameras and microphones turned on to get the maximum benefit.

DIConnect by Design Influencers Conference has tried to balance your time thresholds, today’s imperative influencer conversations, and very badly needed human connection this first time around.  Let’s make it great together!