Design Influencers Toolkit: Partnering with the right influencer

Before partnering with an influencer for a marketing campaign, it’s important to be intentional about your decision and choose the right influencer. Here are our top tips for successful influencer partnerships.



When it comes to audience, size isn’t necessarily always better. Plenty of influencers have an impressive audience size, but make sure to spend time looking at the quality of their followers; Are they your target audience? Are they largely bots? Will they become customers? Do your research and make sure these are people worth reaching.


When analyzing an influencer’s content, pay close attention to each post’s engagement levels. Make sure the number of likes per post makes sense with the number of followers, and check and see if followers are commenting on and liking posts that also align with your brand.

Voice & Values

The best partnerships feel natural, and that also applies to influencer marketing. Does the influencer in question have values that align with yours? Would they be interested in your brand even if a business partnership wasn’t part of the equation? Find an influencer whose style and brand identity feels like an organic fit.