Managing Facebook, Instagram, and Blogging Platforms as an Integrated Unit

Facebook and Instagram are increasingly central to extending your brand message beyond your blog. Christi Tasker will focus on how to harness the power of these three indispensable platforms.

This session will:

  • Help you stay efficient with multi platform social media and content marketing
  • Provide tips for branding content creation
  • Share case studies on successful branding through social media

Christi-TaskerFor more than 10 years, Christi Tasker was a nationally acclaimed award-winning retailer and interior designer before she discovered her true-life passion –MARKETING and BRANDING! With an eye for detail that only comes from a unique designer, Christi created a clear, unforgettable and concise brand that stood out from the rest of the crowd.

From her experience as a retailer, Christi was well aware of the struggle experienced by small businesses with marketing, so she began to help various companies with their own online branding and marketing campaigns. Christi, along with Henry Weinacker, has co-authored “The Power of Pinterest,” an e-book packed with tips, strategies, and case studies to help businesses market on Pinterest.

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