Monogram is Redefining the World of Luxury Appliances

At Monogram it’s not just one detail, it’s many. When we put them all together, we create appliances that look, feel and perform as if they were designed perfectly for you.

With the Statement Collection and Minimalist Collection, launched in early 2020, we created a story in every detail. Inspired by professional culinary spaces highlighting precision-engineered details, the two distinct collections exceed expectations in style and performance.

Traditional style with unparalleled performance

The Monogram Statement Collection brings modern design together with traditional kitchen appliance features. Edge-to-edge handles and robust knobs feel integrated into the appliances. The gleaming stainless steel finish is set off with solid brass accents, wide glass windows, and rich interactive LCD displays. Restaurant-inspired features invite you to take on any cooking aspiration while the smart appliances effortlessly sync your kitchen with your life.

Simple elegance with incomparable performance

The Monogram Minimalist Collection further streamlines even the most contemporary kitchen with flush installation and only the most essential hardware. Its expansive glass design reflects our keen eye for detail and functional aesthetic. Interactive LCD screens and push-to-open oven doors are modern details with a powerful purpose—heightening your culinary experience. And smart appliance features are the modern convenience you didn’t realize you needed.


Monogram Appliances are expertly engineered to take on any culinary aspiration, and serve as the stunning backdrop to everything you create. Our designs incorporate leading-edge materials used by high-end automotive and aeronautics companies to ensure our appliances bring lasting beauty and quality to your luxury kitchen.

It’s the details that define us.

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