Style & Performance? Yes, Inside Out Performance Fabrics have it all!


In the world of design, the creative ideas you show must have great style.  But when style and function come together, magic happens! Delighting your clients with ideas they never dreamed possible is what we strive for in our projects and content.  This is what inspired the creation of Inside Out Performance Fabrics!

Inside Out Performance Fabrics is the first all-in-one performance fabric in the market that is durable enough for indoor use, easy to clean, and engineered with outdoor properties making it able to withstand the elements both inside and outside!  With its fluorine-free technology, you can rest easy knowing you have made an environmentally, conscious choice.


And the possibilities are endless!  Beautifully styled patterns as well as a selection of great basics in an array of hues prove just how style and performance can come together!  And did we mention they are soft too?


We hope you will take a moment to see for yourself the most innovative textiles available on the market today that truly allow you and your clients to have it all.  Visit our booth, sign up for our sponsored pitch session and visit!

But most of all, it is beautiful!