Amy Flurry

Amy Flurry operates a communications studio in Athens, Georgia that partners with companies in the home furnishings industry to develop and implement focused communication plans, expand marketing strategies to connect to the interior design trade and apply trend direction to product development.

Amy has two decades of editorial experience, producing features and writing for top print and online publications. In 2011 Amy authored Recipe for Press (Pitch Your Story and Create a Buzz,then took to the road, sharing her editorial insights with entrepreneurs. Recipe for Press (Designer Edition) is her newest book with the tools interior designers need to take advantage of the press opportunities available to creative professionals. The book took shape after two years as creative director of the first-of-its kind project management app for interior design professionals.

Amy is a nationally recognized speaker and frequent podcast guest on the subject of purpose-driven, DIY public relations. She co-founded the luxury home accessories company, aloka, in 2020, and is also co-founder of Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives highly crafted installations for fashion houses including Hermes, Kate Spade, Valentino, Christies and the Victoria & Albert Museum.