What’s All the Hub-Bub About The 2019 Design Influencers Conference? 

As we finalize our conference agenda for the 2019 conference which we will be announcing shortly, we are pleased to see that many designers, influencers, and brands have registered early for next year’s 2019 Design Influencers Conference.  As Event Organizers, we often ask “What drives attendees to register?”

Here’s what they have to say……


Lisa Davenport, Interior and Furniture Designer
Lisa Davenport |  Durham, CT and Naples, FL

“You are a better designer when you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”



Morgan Molitor, Blogger, Interior Designer and Home Improvement Contractor
Construction2Style | Elk River, Minnesota

“When the news came out about the conference’s name change, I decided that I definitely had to attend and check it out for myself.”



Sally Williams, Owner and Principal Designer
Colorful Concepts | Raleigh, NC

“What resonates with me about the 2019 conference is that it will provide me with networking opportunities with like-minded individuals .”



Chaney Widmer, Founder & Lead Designer
Mix & Match Design Company | Philadelphia, PA

“The name change to Design Influencers Conference is significant and aptly describes the materials presented, the discussions and speaker topics. I am looking forward to the Atlanta conference in 2019 and more opportunities to partner with brands.”


Katie Kath, Owner and Principal Designer
Jkath Design Build & Reinvent | Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I am interested in this conference as a tool to continue the education piece behind influencer relationships within the home design industry, to connect with other like-minded brands and influencers and to overall be inspired.”


Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole, Interior Designers
Kandrac and Kole | Kennesaw, Georgia

“We would NOT miss this conference and have been to almost every conference since its inception.  We attend a lot of industry events and conferences and this is by far our favorite!“


Debbe Daley, Interior Designer
Daley Designs | Portsmouth, NH

“The speakers are extremely engaging, the networking is amazing and there are so many takeaways we’ve been able to incorporate in our business.  I cannot wait for February 2019”


Rebecca West, Interior Designer
Seriously Happy Homes | Seattle, WA

“I want to give all my content more reach. By going to this conference I will get more accountability from other people and put it hand and hand with tips, tricks and knowledge to take my business to the next level.”


Don’t take our word for it.  Take it from past and new attendees.  The 2019 Design Influencer’s Conference is a game-changer for interior designers, influencers, and brands.


Register and take advantage of our early bird rates!