HomeSquare & MuzeBoard : Connecting Designers with Real Online Revenue

With 2016 showing the first signs of a need to connect clients and designers through a digital platform, 2017 will define who the leaders are in this competitive industry.

Arash Fasihi is the founder and CEO of leading online furniture store HomeSquare, A new curated furniture retailer that offers talented designer and influencers a platform to showcase their design creativity using Homesquare’s unique design tool Muzeboard.

With his vast knowledge of the furniture industry  and himself pioneering one of the fastest growing online furniture retail stores, he explains why he believes Muzeboard is the one to watch this year.

“With the launch of HomeSquare, we want to open greater profit sharing opportunities for  designers in today’s market. Designers no longer want to hide behind a wall of high cost and limited accessibility. They want to connect, influence and share their creative talent. “ And Muzeboard was born.

Muzeboard is your tool to create and market your design inspiration via your blog or designer site. Whether you want to let HomeSquare pay you on referrals or earn commissions with your own online store, we’ve got a revenue earning solution for businesses big or small.

“We want designers to continue doing what they love and what they do best while generating income and expanding their influential reach” says Arash.

If you are attending the Design Blogger Conference this weekend, I’d recommend you visit the booth and see which revenue earning option works best for you. We’ve got a team of professionals on hand ready to select a solution for you on the spot – free of charge.

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