India Hicks to Speak at Design Bloggers Conference

India_Hicks_8008-2We are thrilled to announce that India Hicks will be speaking at the Design Bloggers Conference.

Author, model, entrepreneur, TV personality and daughter of famed designer David Hicks, India comes from both British and design royalty.

Her God father is the Prince of Wales and India was a bridesmaid at his wedding to Lady Diana.

Living with her young family on a small island in the Bahamas, she has shared and documented her multidimensional, unpredictable life through social media, her lifestyle books and her website

India is connected to a broad spectrum of tastemakers and is established as an influencer amongst modern, strong, entrepreneurial women.

Unencumbered by tradition, India has made bold life choices that inspire women to join her in the pursuit of an extraordinary life.

After a successful career designing collections of bath & beauty products, bedding and jewelry in partnership with others the time for change arrived. With two strong business minded partners she launched a lifestyle brand: India Hicks. These collections are sold through entrepreneurial women at home, online, or one-to-one. This is more than a trunk show business, it’s about building more than a company, it’s about building a community.

Don’t miss India at the Design Bloggers Conference!