Lamps Plus Invites Designers to Explore Color + Plus ™, the Custom Lighting Made Easy Program

Online shopping for colorful home furnishings has never been easier. For any tone or hue used in a room there are thousands of options in terms of shape, features, and brands. So what’s a busy designer to do with all these choices?!

One solution is to use lighting to impart coordinating or contrasting color to a room space. The Color + Plus ™ program from Lamps Plus allows you to use bright and bold designer colors in practical lighting designs. Its color form and function brought together into one bright package.

Exclusive to Lamps Plus and, the Color + Plus lighting collection offers 100s of designer color choices that will add new excitement and visual pop to any room space. Each finished lamp is handcrafted to order by Lamps Plus in California.

The program was developed by Lamps Plus CEO Dennis Swanson as a way to meet the needs of consumers shopping for lamps by color. Choice of colors was paramount. A rainbow of over 100 color choices are now available, ranging from cherry tomato red, to naval blue, to lemon zest yellow.

In addition, there are over a dozen metallic, reflective colors available that sparkle luxuriously when the light hits them. Each lamp is color crafted to order in a patented design process that is exclusive to the Lamps Plus company.

Shade choices range from crisp white to satin shades in a range of colors. There are also coordinating Giclée printed shades available that match the color used in the bases. These Giclée style art shades are also handmade to order.


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Shopping for lighting has never been more colorful!