Live Meet and Greet with ultraviolet agency May 4

Has it really been a year!?! 

We’re huge fans of the Design Influencers Conference (DIC). It’s hard to believe it was just last March when we hosted the DIC Genius Bar in San Fran, with nary a mask in sight. We listened to marketing pains, struggles and successes and celebrated new ideas and creativity by clicking together our glasses of sparkling rosé. We spoke with dozens of design professionals and brand reps during this last in-person event. While there’s no doubt that we prefer that in-person conference experience, we’re so excited to be a part of this final DIConnect of spring 2021: Sure, we’re going to miss that real-life interaction, but we’re excited to again be with this supportive, smart, creative community as we sponsor the #DIConnect event May 3-4, 2021. 


ultraviolet team at Design Influencers Conference 2021

And if we’ve learned nothing else over the past year it’s this: virtual and digital solutions are not just necessary for the present, they are a building block for the future. Many of the designers we spoke with last year told us that the digital space was a challenge for them: working in the real, physical world makes it hard to be as adept in the digital landscape. 

Which Design Sectors Thrived During Pandemic

Brands going into the pandemic with a robust and responsive online presence and a fully developed digital strategy had a huge head start over those that didn’t.  Across categories, the future—or the next normal or whatever you want to call it—is going to be digitally driven. Now we all know the past year hasn’t been easy for many, but some design sectors thrived during these strange times. What they had in common was that they were well positioned to meet the shifting demands of our pandemic world. The question you have to ask yourself is this: are you positioned to meet these new needs? 

Believe me, we know better than most how hard it is to run a great digital strategy—it’s what the ultraviolet team does all day–and some nights. Brand partnerships, content marketing, lead generation—we’re here to handle all of the digital details so you can focus on what you do best: making the world more beautiful one room at a time.


 Join us and learn about ultraviolet’s services at our virtual expo booth during DIConnect. Enter the sponsor expo booths on Monday, 1-1:45 p.m. EST, before the event kickoffs with Adam Japko, CEO of Esteem Media, Inc. We definitely recommend logging in about an hour early on the day of the event, so you can make sure your profile is completely set up with your photo and info. The DIC online environment is super easy to navigate, but like anything else, a little prep work helps! 

Understanding the Competitive Landscape

We’re all working together to create a digital roadmap for success for design influencers and brands. We work with both designers and brands, and often make those collaborations happen. You don’t need us to tell you this is a highly competitive field—you’re in it every day. But we can help you understand how and what your competition is doing in the digital space. Our Competitor Analysis is just one way ultraviolet can help you explore your competitors, discover growth points, and build a data-driven marketing strategy.

You’re not alone being overwhelmed by what it takes to run a smart, forward-thinking digital presence. And we know it’s harder than ever to convert social media followers into customers. We can help you find the right platform, and pinpoint how to best spend your time nurturing the right engagement. As consumers have grown increasingly online-savvy, websites have grown with them. Everyone online—from micro-influencers just starting out to the world’s biggest, most established brands—needs to tell authentic compelling stories about their projects and products. It’s not just Contact Us forms and gorgeous photos, you also need to think about One Room Challenge features, showhouses, events (in-person and digital), thought leader articles, Clubhouse drop-ins, digital mentions, and of course, brand partnerships. Just like a carefully constructed plan, focus, and attention to detail help you create a fully realized design, all of these decisions impact the outcome of your digital success.

Live Meet and Greet with ultraviolet Team – Tuesday, May 4 from 4-6PM Eastern Time

So, please come join the ultraviolet team on Tuesday, May 4th from 4-6pm for a live video chat. Bring all your marketing questions and while we had prosecco last year, this time it’s BYOB – Bring Your Own Bubbly! Whether you’re an interior design influencer, blogger, social media manager, or any design professional or brand looking to advance your business with digital marketing, just drop in and say hi. While you’re there, don’t forget to enter our giveaways, including one for a free SPACES write-up. SPACES is our on-demand feature writing service, where one of our professional design industry writers will create an 800+ word article for you to use however you need. You can feature it on your website, use it for a PR pitch or award submission—whatever you need!

 And here’s the best part about DIConnect: Registration is FREE!  Be part of this digital experience and register today!