Michel Smith Boyd Presenting in Influencer Track


We’re euphoric that we’ve just confirmed Michel Smith Boyd to present in the Influencer Track on a topic entitled, Business Guidelines and Responsibilities for Building and Leveraging Influence.

Michel Smith Boyd has a golden track record for building influence through license and media deals. Michel will outline the path he took that led to robust demand by brands, broadcast, and print media. More importantly, he will share the important business rules that anyone seeking to build and leverage influence with brands and media should understand to avoid surprises in searching and closing influencer marketing deals.

About Michel Smith Boyd

Michel Smith Boyd is an American interior designer and star of the hit Bravo show, Buying it Blind. His Atlanta based firm, Michel Smith Boyd Interiors, is known for Michel’s signature, sumptuous style. Renowned for its distinctive, cultivated, and soulful vibe Michel’s work has received countless accolades including being recognized as one of the Top 20 African American Designers in the country.

Additionally, Michel’s work has graced the pages of Elle DécorTraditional HomeVogueVerandaEbony, and Washington Post just to name a few. Boyd prides himself on creating spaces that his clients not only adore but also delight in calling home.

Michel’s breadth of influence includes residential and commercial interior design as well as curated collections of luxe rugs, fabrics and trims, wall coverings, decorative home accessories, and objets d’art. His signature style masterfully juxtaposes masculine and feminine sophistication and he seamlessly blends it all under one roof to set the perfect mood.

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