New Brand Track Co-Produced by High Point Market Authority

High Point Market

ESTEEM MEDIA, INC. and HIGH POINT MARKET AUTHORITY have agreed to launch and co-produce a new Brand track to be held concurrently with the Influencers track at the Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta from February 24-26, 2019.  The conference offers attendees a unique opportunity to participate in the intersection of interior design and the world of new media including blogging, social media, e-commerce, digital branding, book publishing, line promotion, and more.

According to Rakuten Marketing, the data shows that 75% of marketers will spend more on influencer programs next year.  The new conference track focuses on providing brands, manufacturers, and showrooms with tools that build consumer awareness and trust.  The results are designed to drive sales and revenue to savvy home design marketers.

The Brand track will include influencer marketing topics such as:

  • finding and selecting the right influencers
  • creating effective influencer programs that deliver ROI
  • tactics for tradeshows and other live opportunities
  • social media and content creation strategies
  • video tools

In addition to the main Influencers track and the new Brand track, the program will include keynote speakers, multiple social and educational opportunities are planned to directly connect brands, showrooms, and manufacturers with design and home furnishings influencers.

Find out more information about the 2019 Event Overview and how the two tracks will be organized for each audience and who should attend each track.

“Since the conference’s inception in 2011, we have noted a growing portion of our audience are influential design professionals – some with blogs and others who did not have blogs but were using a variety of online and offline platforms to build their personal brands in the luxury design and home furnishings industry”, according to Adam Japko, founder of the Design Influencers Conference, formerly the Design Bloggers Conference. Japko continued, “Our work with the High Point Market Authority’s leading blogger and influencer marketing tours proved that there is a significant advantage for brands, manufacturers, and exhibitors to directly engage with influencers. This addition to the conference was a logical next step in order to strengthen the event’s connection-making potential and further strengthen the design influencer community as a whole.”

“In terms of an overall experience, the interaction a buyer or influencer has with a brand inside a showroom is an absolutely vital component to his or her overall impression of High Point Market, and therefore it impacts their likelihood of returning in the future,” commented Ashley Grigg, director of marketing and communications for the High Point Market Authority. “This new educational opportunity will undoubtedly assist exhibitors in fine-tuning their influencer marketing strategies, while also touching on trade show marketing and how those two strategies can and should overlap.”

Esteem Media and High Point Market Authority also separately partner on two High Point Market programs, the Design Bloggers Tour and the Insider’s Tour.

Registration for the 2019 Design Influencers Conference is currently open for design influencers and bloggers, designers, manufacturers, brands, suppliers, vendors, marketers and media – learn more on our Registration page.
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