Why I Attended Design Influencers Conference

I launched my interior design firm in 2003 and after 15 years in business, the most successful source of new business remains my referral business. I know there is value to marketing via social media, but I just couldn’t get my head wrapped around whether the amount of time and effort was worth it.


Kate Maloney, Principal and Lead Designer, KMID

Taking My Business to Next Level

I decided to attend the Design Influencers Conference because I was looking for a jolt of energy to kick my business to the next level. But I honestly had no idea what I was walking into and was game for whatever was about to come my way.

Well good thing! The three days I spent at this conference completely shifted the trajectory of my business beyond what I could have ever imagined. I was flushed with information about everything from how to make the most out of each social media channel (who knew there was a method to Pinterest), to imagining alternative income streams (hello e-book concept), to how to write your blog posts so you don’t feel like you’re shouting into a void and wasting your time. The information came at me like a waterfall and I’m only now catching my breath a month later.

One Speaker After the Next Shared Every Gold Nugget in Their Toolbox


Sandra Funk, House of Funk, and Nicole Heymer, Curio Electro

All that being said, the most amazing part of this experience was hands down the people that Adam Japko and his team gathered to be a part of this. One speaker after the next poured their information (and their heart) out on stage, gave every gold nugget they had in their toolbox to share and then offered to give us more if we didn’t get exactly what we were looking for. My jaw was on the ground from start to finish!

I’m a fan. I’m a groupie. I’m completely sold on the value this conference offers and it was worth every penny and every minute of my time to attend. I cannot wait for next year! I truly hope you’ll join me!

–Kate Maloney Albiani, Principal and Lead Designer, Kate Maloney Interior Design
Instagram: @katemaloneyid

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  1. Richard Larson on September 13, 2019 at 9:14 am

    Great post, Kate. The amount of information one can gain from attending conferences is awesome. Hearing attendees’ perspectives always reinforces the value of attending and putting a conference on.

  2. Kathleen Maloney Albiani on December 6, 2019 at 8:59 am

    Thank you, Richard! I look forward to attending the conference again in March. I hope our paths cross while we’re there!