Your Blueprint For Social Media Success

Served Up by ultraviolet agency at DIC’s Genius Bar

The Design Influencers Conference is just days away—you’ve thought about all the speakers you want to see, the people you have to connect with, you’ve probably even given at least some thought to what you are going to wear. Honestly, we’ve very professionally stalked you on social, we know you’re going to be wearing something Insta friendly and fabulous. But just like you wouldn’t dare post a photo that isn’t just right, with all the necessary thought to color and light and focus done in advance, you shouldn’t be pushing out your gorgeous content without a plan in place—a flawless photo won’t do you any good if no one sees or acts on it.

The Genius Bar one-on-one consultations at DIC are all booked, but our sponsor ultraviolet agency wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to get a high-level understanding of why now is the time to discover how close (or far…)  you are to making your 2020 sales goals.  And—more importantly—what you can do to hit your numbers the rest of this year.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, designer, influencer or creative brand your multi-strategy social marketing plan needs to focus on:

  • a powerful influencer network;
  • daily growth and engagement on social accounts;
  • and content that is attracting your ideal customer.

It’s almost the end of Q1—is your marketing aligning with your sales? Or are you just pushing out social content without aligning what you are posting with your goals?

The way to get everything aligned—from your sales goals to your social media—is with a marketing blueprint. A marketing blueprint defines the strategy you need to hit your goals by addressing and identifying the elements that you need to have in order to create maximum impact. A blueprint also brings clarity, accuracy and accountability to the process and will help you make the best decisions possible when it comes to allocating your social spend.

Although the optimum time to develop a blueprint is before you begin a new initiative or campaign (you wouldn’t start to build a house without one, would you?), an abbreviated blueprint that you can use after a campaign has started is better than not having one at all.

Keys to Your Social Blueprint

The key pieces of your social blueprint should focus on these three pieces:

  1. Form: You’re laying the groundwork for success by making sure all of your social content is beautiful, on-brand, and consistent with your marketing goals. Excellent photography is integral for every platform, but especially Instagram: 90% of Instagram’s more than 1B monthly active users follow a business on the platform. When users are happy to engage with brands like this, you are literally selling yourself short.
  2. Function: Ensure that your website is a lead generation machine with the ability to track conversions, that showrooms have the ability to order merchandise online, and that anyone can order a sample. And do we have to say that mobile users need to be prioritized?
  3. Fun: Now it’s time to start paid advertising campaigns and engage influencers for killer campaigns that boost brand recognition and increase sales. We’re also big proponents of video—and consumers are, too: 67% of them consider video to be the most transparent type of social media post. Use that trust to get your message out. And make sure you have included video, both recorded and live, in your marketing mix.

Social Media Landscape in a Constant State of Evolution

And that mix is going to need to be consistently examined and revised. The social media landscape is in a constant state of evolution with new features and algorithm changes impacting user behavior nearly every day. Topics, trends and features can fall out of favor, and fast. When was the last time you posted on someone’s Facebook wall versus the last time you watched or made an Instagram story?

As marketers, we stay updated with these trends and social statistics so that our clients, whether they are brands or influencers, are making the most impact on social and allocating their spend with the most effectiveness. And we’d love to talk to you more about it. So, stop by the ultraviolet Genius Bar at DIC and say hi to founder Jennifer Smiga and her team Julia, Jess and Lexi.

Brands, looking to launch an influencer marketing program? Influencers, looking to invite brands to participate in your next exciting project? Join ultraviolet for some sparkling rosé during their Mingle and Matchmaking sessions, Sunday 3:00-3:30 pm and Monday 3:15-3:35 pm.

Unable to catch ultraviolet at DIC, text DIC2020 to 66866 to download Jennifer’s brand track presentation on influencer marketing and “Make It Work: 11 Keys To a Good Influencer Relationship.”

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