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Hello, is anybody there?

“Hello, is anybody there?” was my first blogging sentence on November 2nd, 2008. Not totally convinced that anyone out there would be interested in reading my semi-regular updates on design, business ownership and inspirations from day-to-day life, I have begun my blogging adventure by setting some ground rules for mySunday, December 19, 2010 and my readersʼ sake.

From the original blog post:

1. I intend to share my passion and thoughts on Interior Design, Interior Architecture, industry updates and my own accomplishments.

2. I pledge to do my research and provide exhaustive information on the topic of discussion.

3. I promise not to trash the World Wide Web with unnecessary feeds, but be an inspiration to anyone who finds interest in the Interior Design world.

4. No plagiarism!

More than two years later, I have stuck to providing (what I believe is) valuable content on my travels, design projects, favorite products and materials, book references, vendor recommendations, small business struggles and solutions. Each post consists of two thirds of informational content supported by links, photos and videos, and one third of ME and the passion I have for interior design. I hope that my posts are interesting and keep people coming back to my website. I appreciate my current audience and realize that their time it valuable. My goal is to keep growing my blog to be the place to go for inspiration, trend spotting, design resource and review for all. First locally, then nationally.

Travel is what keeps my design wheels going. For work or pleasure, I always find time to investigate, document and later review and blog about the hotels I stayed at, the restaurants I dined at, the entertainment spots I visited and which made an lasting impression on me. I believe in an incredible power interior spaces have on their users…especially in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Therefore, I study those closely and share my findings with my audience. All that to bring the awareness of good design and its influence on people. Design does matter.

I look forward to traveling to Los Angeles, and to networking with all the professional and beginner interior design bloggers. I know that, despite writing, we all share a deep passion toward design and interior spaces, and to find myself surrounded by all that creativity and drive, will be simply amazing!