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Design Influencers Conference
March 1-3, 2020
Grand Hyatt San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Attendee Profiles

DBC Is The Design Influencers Conference

DBC The Design Influencers Conference

The Design Bloggers Conference, often referred to by its familiar DBC acronym, launched as a digital content marketing conference for the design industry in Los Angeles in 2011.  The event was created so design bloggers, the main online design influencers at the time, could meet up to enhance their personal brand building skills while participating…

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Attendee Profile: Barbara Karpf

In 2005 Barbara Karpf founded DecoratorsBest, an e-commerce website selling designer fabric and wallpapers at competitive, discount prices. Now with over two-hundred-thousand products and increasing daily, DecoratorsBest has established itself as a leader in the decorating community. The recently launched blog has increased DecoratorsBest’s visibility to the public, providing everything from Barbara’s designer tips to…

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Attendee Profile: Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

Blogging for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a little bit of “behind the scenes”… so much so we call the blog, { Between the Seams }. It is the inspirations, the aspirations, the sweet little things, and some of the big things that make this brand progress, move forward and essentially tick. The blog is…

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Attendee Profile: Regina Garay of Fauxology

Fauxology ( explores the love affair between inspired Interior Design and extraordinary Decorative Painting.  I started the blog in June 2007 and although I wrote sporadically then, it’s going to be almost a year since I’ve started writing daily posts.  I simply adore decorative painting and finishing – which is good because my siblings and…

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Attendee Profile: Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs

I started blogging as away to document all the crazy things that happen to me, inspire me, and thrill me in this world of interior design. I started my first blog in July of 2007 to record a before and after kitchen makeover. From there it has evolved to include videos showcasing my travels and…

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Attendee Profile: Melanie Royals of Design Amour

Melanie Royals I began my blog wa-a-a-ay back in 2006. That’s like 56 years in blog years, I think. I was completely turned on to design blogs after reading a little feature on the blog phenomenon in Newsweek magazine that included a mention of Design Sponge. Who knew there was a whole sub-category of…

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Attendee Profile: Carla Stolper of AtTuned to Style

I’m extremely new to blogging – only two months in – new to both producing and reading them. I’m wondering now what took me so long. I’m a former editor, former expat (and will be again), and a current blogger/design business start up. After a lot of encouragement from friends, and my husband, who insisted…

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Attendee Profile: Megan McDevitt of Lovely Happenings

A few years ago, while sitting in my college apartment trying to study for my upcoming final exams, I yearned for a creative outlet. (This might have been induced from long hours studying about HVAC systems and building codes). That was the moment I started Lovely Happenings, my personal blog. From the start, Lovely Happenings…

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Attendee Profile: Kristin Collins Of Glitter Palais

My interest in blogs is as young as my own blog is. Sometime in late 2010 I started learning more about design blogs, and soon after started a blog with my employees called I took the long road toward acquainting myself with blogs because I had a difficult time finding any blogs that I…

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Attendee Profile: Tamara Matthews-Stephenson of Nest by Tamara

I started my blog Nest by Tamara in May 2009. My very first post was about my mother’s gardens and how she weaved much of her artistic abilities in her landscaping. With many years experience as a residential interior designer, I felt compelled to begin journaling the many inspirations I see and how it relates…

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