Attendee Profile: Regina Garay of Fauxology

Fauxology ( explores the love affair between inspired Interior Design and extraordinary Decorative Painting.  I started the blog in June 2007 and although I wrote sporadically then, it’s going to be almost a year since I’ve started writing daily posts.  I simply adore decorative painting and finishing – which is good because my siblings and I run such a studio and we incorporate surfaces such as Mirror Patinas ( and traditional decorative painting (

I think it’s important to have the “trades” within Interior Design also have blogs where they showcase their tremendous love of design but also how their particular industry relates to it.  I love working with Interior Designers – they are very clear on their goals and are always open to the artistry of the artisans and craftspeople they work with.  It can be a beautiful collaboration and that collaboration with decorative painting is what I try to exhibit daily.  Gone are the days of sponging, ragging and over-fauxing – the artisans of today have much more sophisticated, clean finishes that incorporate color and pattern in innovate ways.  My Fauxology blog seeks to showcase that by highlighting extraordinary finishes, artists and projects – and have consciously amassed a category list and strong search engine so that fast research can be done for a project by an Interior Designer or Artist.  I also share my love of social media and blogging with posts on tech innovations and updates as it relates to design specifically.

Design blogs have helped create clients and consumers who are erudite and savvy.  Incredible blog writers have gained a following because of the genuine and versatile ways they have conveyed their love and excitement for design.   I’m happy at the possibility of meeting some of them while attending the Design Bloggers conference.  I’m also appreciative of the opportunity to do so all the while gaining knowledge and friendships.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!