Attendee Profile: Kristin Collins Of Glitter Palais

My interest in blogs is as young as my own blog is. Sometime in late 2010 I started learning more about design blogs, and soon after started a blog with my employees called

I took the long road toward acquainting myself with blogs because I had a difficult time finding any blogs that I related too, and I didn’t totally understood what the intention behind blogging was until a friend introduced me to a number of blogs she followed. I quickly fell in love with most of them and started searching for more information that I could devour. My clients and I get most of the same magazine subscriptions and often fall in love with the same books so concept development through those images lost it’s impact just based on the pure fact that the images had already been seen before. Blogs became a new melting pot of inspiring images, and soon-after I made reading blogs a mandatory part of office life in my interior design office in Culver City.

Through blogs we started talking about design more, and my employees have started to develop a more critical approach when designing new rooms because of their ability to search these massive databases of amazing ideas. Like many designers I’m much better with drawings and photos then I am with words. By finding blogs that make sense to our office aesthetic, I’m able to share new concepts with my staff that is an ongoing conversation that get’s updated everyday.

Glitter Palais is a collaborative effort between the awesome staff at Kristin Collins Interior Design and myself. We developed the blog as a way to show off all of the incredible things that we discover everyday. We think of a hundred million ideas before we settle down on one, and in the meantime, many great concepts just get tossed out. Glitter Palais is a resting ground for thrown out ideas as well as progress shots of our projects, and of course completed work as well. Glitter Palais is the girly, and fun truth about what we do at Kristin Collins Inc.

Currently, we are planning a trip to Paris at the end of the month to install an unusual apartment that we have been working on for the last 3 years. I can’t wait to update our blog with the photos of this project. We are currently very busy finalizing the remaining shipments to Paris, and can’t wait to meet our precious cargo in macaron-land where we can put everything in it’s place to hopefully give our client what she has waited so long for-an avante garde apartment where family and friends can stay while they are in Paris and an incredible new place to host the best parties in the world.

I can’t wait to come to the interior design bloggers conference to learn more about how to blog, and meet other like-minded people who think about all the things that I love. Learning the ins-and outs of proper blog etiquette, and discovering how to increase our readership is also important to me since I am new to blogging and need all the advice I can get. Most importantly I just look forward to listening to the speakers, and filling up two full days with nothing but pure blog heaven.