Attendee Profile: Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

Blogging for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a little bit of “behind the scenes”… so much so we call the blog, { Between the Seams }. It is the inspirations, the aspirations, the sweet little things, and some of the big things that make this brand progress, move forward and essentially tick. The blog is the heart and soul of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie.

And it reiterates what the brand is… about breezy happiness, cozy comfort and easy-living chic. Giftable, gorgeous silhouettes in whisper-soft fabric in enchanting garden of eden-inspired palettes for apparel, accoutrement and bed/home. Sweet robes, tunics and of course lovelies for brides and bridesmaids on their big day.

Plum Pretty Sugar {Between the Seams} is the journey. Something so dreamful and lovely.