Attendee Profile: Megan McDevitt of Lovely Happenings

A few years ago, while sitting in my college apartment trying to study for my upcoming final exams, I yearned for a creative outlet. (This might have been induced from long hours studying about HVAC systems and building codes). That was the moment I started Lovely Happenings, my personal blog. From the start, Lovely Happenings has been a depiction of my personal inspirations, the pursuit of new adventures, and the attempt to define happiness. All in all, I enjoy blogging about the things that put a smile on my face. Who doesn’t?

Design has always played an integral role in my blog, and tends to remain the primary focus of Lovely Happenings. I grew up building and designing my Barbie’s dream home, and have been enthralled with design ever since.  I continued to pursue my love for design in college, where I recently attained my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I have been fortunate enough to perform in a multitude of jobs within the design community, and throughout every experience, I have been blogging through it all.

Recently, I have established my very own interior design business, Devitt Design. I am still in the startup stages with my business, but I look forward to designing, gaining new experiences, and meeting people along the way.

I am really excited to attend this conference. I look forward to learning as much as possible, with the hope of incorporating new ideas and perspectives into my blog and business. Blogging and design all in one conference? Sounds perfect. I am excited to meet everyone soon!