Attendee Profile: Carla Stolper of AtTuned to Style

I’m extremely new to blogging – only two months in – new to both producing and reading them. I’m wondering now what took me so long. I’m a former editor, former expat (and will be again), and a current blogger/design business start up. After a lot of encouragement from friends, and my husband, who insisted it was time my creativity and “talent” went somewhere other than daydreams and what-if scenarios, I decided to dive in and see what I could do.

I’ve long, long, long contemplated combining my writing background with my love of design, my unique experiences in travel and entertaining, and my partiality to “the good life.”

I’m interested in sharing tips, ideas, stories and things I love in a useful, no-nonsense, party-on-a-page kind of way, which is why my love of music is central to my posts. I guess you could say working on finding the right mix of voice and content and unique edge is my current project.

Again, I’ve only just begun, but I’m thrilled thus far with the opportunity, enthusiasm and energy it provides. While being completely overwhelmed by the numbers of design category bloggers out there, it’s also wildly inspiring, challenging and motivating.  I hope to learn everything at this conference – what on earth is an RSS feed, versus a Follow button, versus a Subscribe link, etc.  But more importantly, I can’t wait to meet and learn from the incredible talent attending.

Carla Stolper