Attendee Profile: Carrie Leskowitz of Carrie Leskowitz Interiors

Every seminar I have been to in the last 2 years always emphasized the importance of social media. Being interested in driving traffic to my web site and promoting my design business, I created a Facebook page and started a newsletter. After a little over a year and a half the newsletter, while positively received, did not allow me to connect with kindred spirits beyond my email list. I really wanted to open up my world, and the blog was born from the limitations of my Design Musings newsletter.

I am inspired by anyone or anything that “moves” me. As a visual person, my eyes are always wide open. Whether it’s fashion, art, travel, design of any kind, the beauty in nature, architecture, etc., I love to share, inspire others, and hopefully teach something along the way.

“Be fearless” is what I always tell my kids. You never know where a path will take you. I did a show house room 2 years ago despite being nervous. However, this winter my “serene salon” is being included in a book by Schiffer Publishing. I am on a journey; I am open, and it will be interesting to see where blogging takes me.

I am anxious to hear from those that have come before me. Experienced bloggers, whom I have been reading for years now, make it look so effortless. I have so many questions that I am starting a running list. I want to be inspired to be a better blogger and learn the “secrets” to successful blogging. I look forward to meeting and learning from the best!

I recently completed a rental apartment in New York City for a client from Philadelphia. I loved working in NY. I love being in New York, I love the people and its energy. One of my goals would be to combine two of my favorite things, travel and work, and hopefully meet wonderfully creative people along the way.

I am really looking forward to attending the conference; as long as snow doesn’t keep me grounded in Aspen!