Attendee Profile: Edyta Czajkowska – "Live Well, Live in Bliss"

After attending design school and gaining experience while working for various design firms, in areas ranging from luxury residential to commercial interior design and interior architecture- I decided to start my own design firm EDYTA&CO. Interior Design. My company focuses on distinct residential and boutique commercial projects where client and designer collaboration with personal attention is key. The beginning of EDYTA&CO. also brought with it the birth of EDYTA & CO. Blog. Through the blog as well as my design firm I look forward to helping people to create a space that they not only love to be in, but one that is functional and addresses their lifestyle needs.
Since the inception of my blog the purpose was to share my design expertise, inspire others and catalogue inspirations while sharing bits of my life and passions. Everyone can live in a luxurious lifestyle and each person’s luxury is defined differently. In my blog I also explore those moments that define luxury to me, and hope to inspire others to discover their own in order to live a more meaningful and more fulfilling life.

Currently I am working on residential design projects ranging from Chicago North Shore residence to Chicago high-rise condo. My work consists of one room re-designs to whole house remodels.

I find inspirations in many places: travels, fashion, nature, art, history- yet I believe the root of all inspirations comes from constantly reinventing and exposing myself to different surroundings, people , cultures and situations. This way I am constantly thinking in a fresh perspective with a reinvented eye.

Through the conference I am hoping to meet fantastic design blogger experts that share similar passions and goals. I am interested to learn their stories backgrounds and suggestions which will help me grow, and better serve new and potential clients nationally and internationally. I am excited to be part of such a great crowd!

“Live Well, Live in Bliss”- Edyta Czajkowska