Attendee Profile: Kristine Bishop of I Design Love

I Design Love was founded because interior design has always been my passion, love and inspiration. Since it provokes such a creative spark for me, I wanted to share my ideas with the world. The name, I Design Love, stands for ‘interior design love’ to represent how design influences me on daily basis, I am constantly thinking, creating and breathing design. Over the past year, starting a blog has always been in the back of my mind, but school and work kept me too busy so my blog got pushed aside. However, when I graduated last spring, with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, I jumped head first into pursuing my passion. Although my blog has only been around for a short time it has transformed into something that I absolutely love. I enjoy spending countless hours researching topics, products and designs that inspire me and hopefully enthuse my readers as well. Recently, my dreams to start my own interior design firm have been coming true, and I am in the process of establishing my own firm called Kristine Bishop Interiors. As an interior designer my goals are to provide my clients with fresh, sophisticated and livable interior environments.

Many aspects of my life fuel the inspiration that creates ideas for blogging and my interior designs. Aspects such as; architecture, fashion and life’s every day events all contribute to my creative process and I work hard to merge these ideas cohesively. Currently, my design obsessions have included, bold wall colors, layering, mixing patterns, colors, textures and wallpaper.

The Design Bloggers Conference is the perfect opportunity for me to meet fellow designers and bloggers who share the same passions as I. I look forward to hearing their stories, achievements and obstacles they have gone through as business owners, and I hope to be inspired by them. I am most looking forward to coming home with new friends, a new outlook and knowledge on the blogging and design world that I can apply to my business and life. I can’t wait to meet everyone!