Attendee Profile: Nancy Del Santo of AskDecor

The design community is going through a shift of galactic proportions in the way we conduct the business of design. Change can be un-nerving. The future isn’t clear. I decided to jump into this new world with enthusiasm, creating an interactive website and an online voice that allows me to work as a valued resource within a larger online community. I’m still getting my arms around social media and my role in it. Attending Design Bloggers Conference will help shape new ideas for me.

As a kid here in Los Angeles, I grew up going to Decorator’s Walk and attending Tuesday night antique auctions. Interior design was always my passion. But in college, my focus was on business. This led me to work in Corporate America for many years as a sales and marketing executive. In 2000, I decided to pursue my passion and opened a design firm in the Los Angeles area.

I enjoy being a leader by bringing out the best in others. I work with and through my clients and a collaborative team to coax the best out of their environments. Talented people in this industry inspire me. I’m re-fueled by the beauty of nature and the creative process.

The Design Bloggers Conference will be an opportunity to meet like-minded others face-to-face.

Thank you for what I know will be an amazing and trend-setting conference!