Attendee Profile: Shirry Dolgin of A.S.D. Interiors

As I was growing my interior design business, I found that my online presence was forever changing! After adjusting my A.S.D. Interiors website over and over again, and spending tons of money on my web designer, I found that my blog was the best outlet for staying up to date with the public and posting updates on current trends, products, and what was going on in the design world from my point of view. It was the best way for me to have constant changes that were full of content on any subject that was relatable to my company and the design industry.

My inspiration for the blog comes from the clients I work with and the trends I see when shopping for resources. I may have a special product to highlight, color of the month, or fun story about the latest installation I completed. I also throw in some of the things that inspire me like great architecture or products that are well designed.

So, even though my blog is an ever changing online platform for my business, I hoping to learn how I can reach more people through my blog, find inspiration for content, learn about adding sponsors, and also to learn about the kind of content consumers are looking to read