Dayna Hairston Lamps Plus DBC Scholarship WINNER

Dayna Hairston is the founder of Dayziner LLC, a boutique design agency offering design tips, home styling advice, curated product selections and virtual interior design services. Our editorial mission is to make design accessible, affordable and inspired. We accomplish this by demystifying the complexities of abstract design principles and empowering the typical homeowner or design enthusiast to create their own beautifully inspired spaces.

An NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer, Dayna began her design journey in the commercial sector, designing large scale projects in the healthcare, educational and corporate sector.  After almost a decade of working in the field, she left her corporate career to focus on building her own brand as a Design Consultant. Dayna utilizes her blog at Dayziner as a platform to inform, connect and create.

Harvesting the knowledge and experience from years at professional architectural firms we teach our audience the basic principles of interior styling. We introduce our readers to products and manufacturers that we have worked with in the past while bringing them new products and accessories that are ever stylish and always on trend. Operating remotely, we produce Virtual Room Scenes consisting of curated products unique to our client’s personal design style. It is our hope to become a trusted resource to our readers as the go to source for style advice and product recommendations. Our goal is to ultimately become an influencer, to work with brands and manufacturers as an ambassador and style advocate.

Photo: Interior Styling by Dayziner LLC

We are eternally grateful and completely excited for the opportunity to attend this year’s Design Blogger’s Conference. We hope to learn the best ways to optimize our efficiency, grow our brand, and connect with representatives of national brands, publications and digital media.

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